Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gone Fishin’ – Day Two

The comments received on my last post (thank you all) have led me to believe that I should generally clarify my position on our current status.

We are at war.

Make no mistake, slowly but surely we are being enslaved and exterminated. Men who lead moral lives of honor, courage, and integrity are a dieing breed. We are offered only contempt, scorn, ridicule, and of course, blame. Our children have been taken from us. Our labor is no longer our own. Many of our compatriots languish in prison, or worse, have taken their own lives. Our very thoughts are under attack.

Freedom, it seems, slips from our grasp.

We constantly read of the strategies and tactics of our enemy. Cognitive dissidence and the dialectic are always at work against us. Political arguments are reframed, language is redefined, and so society reengineered. The lie is now the truth. Murder is choice. Evil is good. Death is life. Freedom is slavery. Slavery is freedom. And much, much worse, we are told and expected to be happy about it.

And we do nothing.

No more.

John, you are correct. I have indeed adopted collectivist thinking. The same as warriors always do. I no longer question whether a particular female should be rescued, the same as American soldiers did not question whether a particular Nazi was the enemy. Our enemy adopts collectivist thinking – we are the enemy simply because of our anatomy. If we fail to do the same, we will fail.

Do not be deceived by females who claim they are not feminists. Hold no compassion in your heart for any individual member of the enemy. For each and every female has been trained from birth to be our enemy. Their beliefs are so ingrained, their weapons so powerful and readily available, their righteousness so sure, that none can truly be on our side.

Heed these words of wisdom, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Our enemy’s power is approaching the absolute.

Do not allow yourself to be used by your enemy. For example, you said that, “men don't appreciate it when feminists say that we as a sex are ‘responsible’ for the death and destruction of war.” But we are, John. Open your eyes to history, and see the truth. The fact is that such comments serve nothing but the enemy purpose of manipulating us into arguing against the truth. It then becomes trivial for them to dismiss our rightful complaints as unfounded.

What will you do? What do you think your enemy will do?

I will fight.

I AM saying that this particular individual should NOT be helped.

I say this simply because of her anatomy. She is my enemy. She is your enemy. While I am indeed capable and willing to render aid to someone in trouble, I will not offer aid and comfort to the enemy. Don’t you either. This is not “moral paralysis.” This is the first rule of war.

Henceforth, do not complain of such things as that we can’t expect our enemy to offer us the consideration of help if one of us were “being raped by thugs.” Such are the rules of war. It is good if your enemy fights amongst itself. Do not interfere. Our enemy is quite adept at understanding and applying such rules. We must be as well.

This is not a question of courage, for we are all good, courageous men. We fight the good fight. No, this is a question of loyalty. No man can serve two masters. Each of us must search his own soul, and each of us must choose a side if we are to be free. If you don’t, then you are already a slave.

So, whom will you serve? What will you do?


Anonymous said...

The marriage strike is not enough.

The reproduction strike is not enough.

Now we must take the next logical step: civil disobedience.

All our energies must be used in order to sink the "system".


Anonymous said...

I don't consider women to be the enemy. I consider Statism to be the effect of the enemy, and feminism falls under that statist umbrella.

But what I consider to be the true enemy of men is our own individual selves, in our unwillingness to utilize our independent judgment and act on it. Chivalry is the enemy, because it instills in men the obligation to help women "just because" -- no independent judgment at play there. Think about it... men were in positions of authority when Marxism and feminism were on the rise -- and such political actors were elected at the time by male voters.

If we are in a war, we need to fight it on a psychological level. We fight the war when we go our own way, making our own decisions, deciding based on what is best for us and reflective of our values. The enemy is shame, obligation, and the need to be seen favorably at any cost. The enemy is all the factors in our mind that make us afraid to act on our better judgment, and instead to sacrifice ourselves because it would be shameful not to.

If a woman is getting raped -- or a man is getting mugged -- should I put on my cape and rescue either of them, if the police are on their way? That's an individual choice. Men have lost the battle precisely because they sacrificed their individuality, precisely because they were not going their own way.

The war is within, and the enemy is us -- our own fears, our own desperate need for validation, our own need for belonging, all of them eclipsing our rational ability to evaluate and judge a situation subjectively. Each time we reclaim our independent judgment, we win another little battle. If, in our independent judgment, we still decide to put ourselves in harm's way to the benefit of others, it will be no loss -- because we will have decided.

Anonymous said...

Saying that women are not our enemy is purely academic.

During the Vietnam war, the enemy was communism. Fine. But those who were shooting at us were real soldiers. You still had to kill them or they would kill you.

Let's see that again now: who is the enemy?

Anonymous said...

If women are the enemy, then how do you define victory over the enemy?

Anonymous said...

Victory is to hear the lamentations of the women.

Anonymous said...

"how do you define victory over the enemy?"

When we get all our rights back.

Anonymous said...

Here's an alternate perspective:
The Western society's Statism is the enemy of American males. (By the West I mean UK, USA, Canada, etc.)

Western territory is a battlefield that offers every advantage to Statism.

What does a warrior do on a battlefield that offers no advantage? Nine times out of ten, he retreats and finds a different battlefield that *does* offer an advantage.

So if our country of origin -- whether that be America or Canada or wherever -- isn't working for us, fellows, there's plenty of other places if you can afford a passport and a plane ticket.

If you can't afford those two items ... okay, sure, civil disobedience becomes realistic.

Anonymous said...

Then, civil disobedience it must be. I see no reason to leave my country into the hands of the enemy.

The Russians defeated Napolean by burning everything to the ground.

They did it again against Hitler.

Scorched earth works.

Anonymous said...

Don't do anything to save it. Let it burn to the ground. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth before it's over with but only after it's all gone can we start over.

Anonymous said...

Women are not the enemy. Feminism is.

You can take the war analogy too far. And you have.