Saturday, October 4, 2008


Over the past several months, I have read with much interest the men’s rights articles and associated web logs prospering on the Internet. As I have become more familiar with the writings, I have come to realize how very often other men voice my own suspicions concerning American society and politics. This has led me to a sense of camaraderie with the movement – a sense that I have found a group of men to whom I may belong. For that, I now express my deepest gratitude to those who have taken the time speak out so that I might not feel alone.

However, during my readings I have noted a rather discouraging, if necessary, theme that dominates the discussions – the problems. Again and again, I read only of the pervasive misandry intertwined with our society confronting us all. Now certainly this education is necessary to open the eyes of our fellows who may not yet be able to put into words their general feelings of angst that grows daily out of the unfairness they experience. That nagging unease that I’m sure most men sense - that discrimination, both subtle and conspicuous - must be identified and properly attributed to those who would destroy all that is most noble in men. Indeed, the men’s movement must first bring a flash of recognition to men before men can even attempt to resist what is sadly, an onslaught of sexism. As I mentioned, I myself am most grateful to those that have proffered the specifics I needed to best consider the problems we face.

Nevertheless, while I have noticed a few speak directly to the deficiency, what I find most lacking is concrete advice on precise actions we can take to fight misandry. The movement has sounded the call to arms, but has failed to organize and sufficiently equip those of us who would be soldiers. I have no illusions, nor do I believe those honest in the movement do, that any attempts to change our course can succeed without resorting to specific and well-defined tactics of resistance. Not only do we need an education and a working organizational structure, but also expertise in the down-in-the-trenches techniques that effect real change. Quite frankly, the battle will not be won by words, but through deeds.

I have hesitated until now to offer my efforts to this fight, not only from apprehension of reprisals, but primarily because I have thought that I have little to offer. But I’ve come to realize that, even if I make only a small contribution, I have a responsibility to offer what I can. Hence, this blog.


Anonymous said...

"Quite frankly, the battle will not be won by words, but through deeds."

True enough. But all begins with words.

So far, it has been a one-sided battle where one side attacks the other. Now both side are crossing swords. I love it!

We know how the "system" works: we created it. We also know how to torpedo it.

I have this weird feeling that things are about to become very, very interesting indeed.

Once men's wrath is completely unleashed, the scenery will change.

The elastic band has been stretched to the limit: it's about to snap. Stay tuned: this is the calm before the storm.


Togakure said...


Glad to see my old domain hasn't fallen into enemy hands.

Togakure School lives on @

(I changed the url and some other aspects in order to increase my blog's visibility. I'm ready to expand my message to a wider audience.)

Please note the change!


Anonymous said...

I would like to offer Civil Disobedience as our major tool.

Let's throw some sand in the gears...