Saturday, October 4, 2008

Title IX Attacks: Using complaints to garner national attention

Recently, there has been action by the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, to apply Title IX (the federal statute prohibiting sexual discrimination in education programs) to mathematics and science programs in post secondary education. See, We all are aware of how well Title IX has worked for men’s athletics programs; we can expect the same for math and science.

Of course, no such action is planned against those majors that are predominately female, nor against college enrollment as a whole (which now approaches 60% female).

For the men’s movement to prosper and effect real change, pressure must be applied to schools and other organizations that tolerate and promote such nonsense.

In this particular case, an appropriate response is to initiate a Title IX complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

You need not be the individual who has been the victim of discriminatory behavior. Anyone can file an allegation that discrimination has occurred (even if such an allegation is based on nothing more than statistics from a school’s website). A single individual may file multiple complaints.

Most importantly, the Department is bound by law to investigate. Noteworthy is the limited number of complaints received by the Office for Civil Rights - only approximately 5000 per year nationwide. Consequently, an increase of only a few hundred complaints will attract significant national attention.

The web site to file an electronic complaint is:

The filing of a complaint only takes a few minutes, but will result (even if the complaint is eventually dismissed) in many man-hours of this national civil rights organization being expended. Sufficient complaints will skew the volume of their work to a degree that a national debate must of necessity be opened.


Anonymous said...

We may eventually win if we fight hard for years and years.
But the results are not guaranteed.

An alternate solution is to drop out of the system altogether and let society sink. That should bring the solution we need in no time flat.

We can't win by complaining: that's women prerogative.
Men should express their resentment by dropping off the system altogether. See how long society will last without us.

In this case, doing nothing works better than whining.
Complaining will be seen as a mere annoyance: sinking this society will have a permanent impact: that's the road we should take.

Anonymous said...