Saturday, October 4, 2008

Title IX - Response to Anonymous

Anonymous wrote:

We can't win by complaining: that's women prerogative.
Men should express their resentment by dropping off the system altogether . . . sinking this society will have a permanent impact: that's the road we should take.

Generally, I agree and will later post my thoughts on effective strategies for going our own way in order to accomplish just that.

However, I was not suggesting that we simply complain.

Instead, what I suggest is that we use the system that has been corrupted by women to our advantage. We should all know by now that the current system is not only biased, but held together by a thread. We also know our own strengths at using and manipulating rule based systems to win.

All I suggest is a quicker method of "sinking" the system.

If a system such as the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) only handles approximately 5000 complaints per year, another 5000 complaints from men will effectively eliminate resources available to fight us. Clog the system, in other words. Specifically, in this instance, give them something else to do than attack us (remember, OCR is legally required to investigate every complaint), and thereby break a feminist system.

Don't you don't think such a failure will get feminist attention like a sharp slap in the face? Frankly, I believe that such a failure will strike fear into the hearts of everyone that has been oppressing us. And really, isn't that what feminists fear the most - organized men who have finally had enough and fight back?

Ultimately I'm not suggesting simply complaining. In fact, that's my problem with the men's movement - all we do is complain.

I'm suggesting concrete action to gut one system that works tirelessly against us.

And, of course, then moving on to the next...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. I agree: we must clog the system, make it inoperative.
That's a good strategy.
I'm glad I made my comments: you made things clear.

I would extend it to other sections of society: education, medicare, highway traffic, etc...

The beauty of that is that it's sabotage, but not illegal.

We are pretty much on the same wavelength.